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Nepal HighlightsNepal Highlights
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Nepal is a country in south-central Asia. The highest mountain range in the world--the Himalaya--and a region of hills and valleys cover about 80 per cent of Nepal. The Tarai (or Terai)--a flat, fertile river plain along Nepal's border with India--covers the rest of the country.Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and its largest city.

Bhutan TourBhutan Tour
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Bhutan is known to the Bhutanese as "Druk Yul" or "Land of the Thunder Dragon". It is located at the south of Tibet and the north of north east of India as Assam and Sikkim. It is the only independent Buddhist Monarchy in the world. It remained isolated to the Western world until 1974, when the government decided to allow the first foreign visitors to enter the country.

Sri Lanka TourSri Lanka Tour
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Located just off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an island nation. Sri Lanka is a vibrant country of 18 million people; rich in its diversity of culture, race, language and religion. The island has an abundance of natural resources, fauna and flora, mountains, rivers and beautiful beaches.It is located at the crossroads where East meets West and is regarded as the gateway to South Asia.

Bangladesh TourBangladesh Tour
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Bangladesh is Bounded by India from the north, east and west, Burma from the south-east and the Bay of Bengal from the south. Prior to its independence in 1971, it was the eastern wing of erstwhile Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. Before that it was a part of the Bengal province of British India until 1947, and was known as East Bengal.
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