Religious Pilgrimage Tours
Religious Pilgrimage Tours

Hindu PilgrimageHindu Pilgrimage
About - The underlying tenets of Hinduism cannot be easily defined. There is no unique philosophy that forms the basis of the faith of the majority of India's population. Hinduism is perhaps the only religious tradition that is so diversified in its theoretical premises and practical expressions as to be called a "museum of religions".

Muslim PilgrimageMuslim Pilgrimage
About -
This tour involves the best of Muslim origin in India, be it the forts, palaces or the Mosque. The Muslim Kings, especially the Mughals who intermingled with the Indian society at large, have gifted some of the best architecture to the Indian art scenario and their effect is still accepted as one of the most respected.

Buddhist PilgrimageBuddhist Pilgrimage
About -
The doctrine or philosophy declared by the Buddha is known as Buddhism. It is not a religion or a system of faith or worship. Buddhism starts from the point of reasoning or understanding. It does not advocate any prescribed system of ritual and worship or supplication of deities or gods. It is distinguished and different from other systems of "religion."

Jain PilgrimageJain Pilgrimage
About -
India is a land of spirituality where great persons were born to sing immortal songs. The places stamped by their holy feet became famous as sacred places. Jain pilgrimage in india as Palitana - Ranakpur - Sravanabelagola and many more.

Sathya Sai Baba ToursSathya Sai Baba Homage Tours
About - Sathya Sai Baba was a highly revered spiritual leader and world teacher, whose life and message are inspiring millions of people throughout the world to turn God-ward and to lead more purposeful and moral lives. His timeless and universal teachings, along with the manner in which he leads his own life, are attracting seekers of Truthfrom all the religions of the world. Yet, he was not seeking to start a new religion.

Christian PilgrimageChristian Pilgrimage
About - Christianity has had long and glorious relations with India. According to the legends, St. Thomas sailed to India from Eastern Asia in AD 52. He spent 12 years in India, the last eight of his life in Mylapore in Madras (now Chennai).
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