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Hill stations in India are also a big hit amongst the adventure-enthusiasts as they provide ample scope for fun-filled and adventurous sporting activities like mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking and paragliding, Newlywed couples prefer touring hill stations of India so that they can start the new beginning of their life in the most exclusive way. And last but not the least, tourist seeking to purify their body and soul prefer travelling to Indian hill stations to attain peace.
Following are some of the most popular and highly recommended hill station tour packages that should not be missed while holidaying in India.

¤Darjeeling - The dawn of the Himalayas
Darjeeling, the queen of all hill stations, famous for its natural beauty, clean fresh air, year round pleasant weather and above all, the ever smiling and welcoming local people. The 3rd highest pick in the world, mount Kanchenjunga is very close to this place and also gives the clearest view. Darjeeling is widely known as visitor's paradise because every day it offers something new to everyone, may be the first time visitor and may be the regular one. The morning bell comes to the viewer's when the first ray of sun touches the mountain pick.
This is tiger hill, a steep ride of five kilometers from Ghoom, is the place where one can witness this heavenly feelings. Here the air is chilly, but unique to get an experience. Here the new day starts with the world famous blend of tea, foggy and smoky weather, Mountain View and smiling face of local Gorki people. Darjeeling is also a place to know Tibetan culture, Himalayan Tribal Life, and to see the Tibetan Monasteries, Pine Trees, Tea garden etc. Very closely. 

¤Kodaikanal - Pearl of the South
Kodai or Kodaikanal is on the southern crest of the Palani hills, about 120 km from Madurai, at an altitude of 2100 mt. It is surrounded by wooded slopes, waterfalls and precipitous rocky outcrops.
Kodaikanal Founded by American missionaries in 1845, Kodaikanal is steeped in history. Relics and artifacts of the Paliyans who once lived in these hills can still be seen in the Shenbaganur Museum. Even today, a few Paliyans can be seen near Kukal Cave. In the early days, there were no roads—people had to travel by bullock-cart and palanquin, braving the dangers of the forests. Slowly Kodaikanal developed, missionaries established church properties, many of the then ruling princes built summer holiday-homes, clubs were opened, school and hotels were built, and civic amenities were introduced. Kodaikanal Hills is an idyllic getaway for regular tourists, trekker and honeymooners. Blessed with nature's breath-taking beauty, the star-shaped lake dominates this sleepy hill-station.

¤Khandala - Panorama of Western Mountains
Khandala, set at a height of 625 mt., located on the western n slopes of the Sahyadri mountain range is a hill station in Maharashtra. Fascinating panoramic beauty adorns this place. Although it is comparatively small as compare to lonavala but it is equally blessed with natural beauty and bounty. Deep valley on one side and high hills on the other side divide Khandala and Lonavala. Luckily, modern industrialization has not adversely affected Khandala. Whenever a tourist visits Lonavala he also wishes to visit Khandala. While travelling on Mumbai Bangalore National Highway, one has to cross the arduous Khopoli - Khandala Ghat. This is the famous Borghat. In a short distance of 8 Kms one has to climb a height of 369 meters. This is a difficult Ghat to climb. But once you reach here, you feel that this climb has been worth the trouble. Khandala is one place where you will fall in love at First Site. 

¤Lonavala - The Hills of the Bollywood
Lonavala is a Hill station in Maharashtra. Also known as the jewel of the Sahyadri Mountains. This Hill Station is also a popular Health Resort in the western ranges on the Sahyadri, It Is situated on a height of 625 mtrs. Above sea level and is a popular gateway from Mumbai and Pune. It also serves as a starting point for tourists interested in visiting the famous, ancient Buddhist rock cut caves of Bhaja and Karla, which are located near this hill station.
Most of the exotic sites in this Hill Resort in Maharashtra feature the regular shootings of the films of Bollywood. With breath-taking view, the para gliding makes your stay memorable 

¤Manali - The Resort of the Himachal
Manali is an important hill station of northern India and is the destination of thousands of tourists every year. Manali derived its name from Manavalaya meaning the abode of Manu or "Home of Manu" and here, the temples are treated as pilgrimages. Its cool atmosphere provides a perfect haven for the ones afflicted by the hot Indian summers. Manali is also famous for adventure sports like skiing, hiking, mountaineering, para gliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking.
The only place in India where you have the heli-skiing par excellence at Auli. 

¤Mount Abu Hills
Mount Abu is a picturesque hill-station which green oasis in the barren deserts cape that's Rajasthan. Situated at the southern tip of the Aravali range the hill retreat owes its cool climate to its rich flora covering the entire hillside that includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs. The road leading to Mount Abu is a curved one characterized by arid region dotted with huge rocks in weird shapes and high velocity winds. This is also the highest point between the Nilgiri in the south and the Himalayan range up north.
The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is more than just a summer retreat. Its stunning array of exquisite Dilwara Jain Temples, dating back 11th- 13th centuries, make it a popular pilgrimage centre. 'Abu' according to a legend. Stands for the son of Himalayan, deriving its name from Arbuada, the powerful serpent who rescued Nandi, the sacred bull of Lord Shiva, from a chasm.

¤Mussoorie - The Queen of the Himalayas
Mussoorie, popularly known as the Queen of Hills, this charming hill station, 34 kms from Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2003 mtrs in the Garhwali hills. Above sea-level. Mussoorie is one the beautiful hill stations in India and the most frequently visited. It provides excellent respite to people who want relief from the hot sultry conditions of the plains, especially since it is close enough to the capital to make just weekend trip. Also, major Hindu pilgrimage sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, and Rishikesh are not far from this place.
In 1820, Captain Young of the British army was influenced by the beauty of this place and made it his residence. The name, Mussoorie is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie' which were found in abundance here. After its discovery, this hill station gradually developed as a centre of education, business, tourism and beauty.

¤Nainital - The Himalayan Lake
Nainital, Uttaranchal is famous not just for its green hills or many lakes. It is also famous for its many legends and stories. Hundreds of ancient temples and peaks with astounding views of the mountains in the background add to Nainital' s magical appeal. The history of this dainty town sails over the surface of the Naini Lake, where oarsmen narrate the stories of the rishis who brought the waters of the sacred Man Sarovar River to form Suffocating at times with thousands of tourists, Nainital is also home to Sherwood, one of India's most prestigious schools.
In 1820, Captain Young of the British army was influenced by the beauty of this place and made it his residence. The name, Mussoorie is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie' which were found in abundance here. After its discovery, this hill station gradually developed as a centre of education, business, tourism and beauty.

¤Ooty - The Exotic Hills
Nestled in the brilliant green hills of the Nilgiri, Ooty or Udhagamandalam, is one of the favorite summer retreats of people in South India. Orchards of peaches and plums, terraced tea plantations, and eucalyptus, pine and wattle lining the landscape. a typical hill station in many ways.
Founded by the British in the early part of the 19th century, Ooty is home to many Britishers who have fallen in love with this hill station where they discovered a little bit of England. "…such beautiful English rain, such delicious English mud" is how Lord Lytton-Viceroy of India from 1876-1880 described Ooty to his wife! The British influence is visible in the hand rolled cigars, chocolate and cheese one enjoys here.

¤Shimla - Summer Capital of the British Raj
Shimla, the summer capital of the British India, is situated Shimla tours, Shimla hill station at a height of 2,196 meters. While the British have left the echoes linger on. Today, it's well developed facilities, easy accessibility and many attractions make it one of India's most popular resorts. In the Himalayan lower ranges, it is surrounded by pine, cedar, oak and rhododendron forests.
Shimla is located towards the southern parts of the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Now It is the state capital and is at a distance of 343 km from Delhi, 260 km from Manali, and 119 km from Chandigarh. The temperature range is not very high and the maximum temperature rarely crosses 25°C during summers. Winters are cold due to the chilly winds from the upper Himalayas. 
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